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1/14 RC Dakar Rally Truck Kamaz

1/14 RC Dakar Rally Truck Kamaz

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1/14 RC Dakar Rally Truck Kamaz

Scale: 1/14
Size: 560×205×260MM
Weight: about 5.40KG
Material: Metal
Configuration: Standard without battery, without charger, with headlights, with top decorative roll cage, front armrest decoration (the above accessories need to be installed by yourself), gearbox is 2-speed planetary gearbox, The metal axle has a locking function, the two sides of the carriage can be opened, the tailgate can be opened, the suspension adopts a steel plate simulation structure, and it has front and rear anti-roll bars.
Main vehicle voltage: 12V, XT60 connector, it is recommended to use 3S lithium battery above 25C (battery and power display need to be purchased separately, size range: length, width and height within 155*57*30MM)
Matters needing attention: The delivery is in the original color unpainted state, the front of the car is white, and the body is stainless steel. The spraying version needs to be custom made, which takes about a month. Please contact customer service if you need it.
The following spraying pictures are for reference only, the delivery is in the original color unpainted state,
if you need to customize the spray paint version, please contact customer service.

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