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Wheeled excavator 1:50

Wheeled excavator 1:50

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Wheeled excavator 1:50

The new wheeled excavator with an enlarged skylight, door windows, rear and windscreen, as well as standard rear-view cameras and side cameras provides an excellent overview on the road and on the work site. A variety of intelligent controls and a silent cabin reduce operator fatigue, while powerful hydraulics and robust construction ensure productivity and long service life.

Characteristics and details:
* Detailed cabin interior, including operator
* Authentic yellow car coloring
* Authentic corporate identity
* The main body rotates 360°
* Lifting and lowering the boom
* Lifting and lowering of outriggers
* Authentic tire tread pattern

Technology: Injection Molding
Scale 1:50
Product dimensions: 6.75 x 2 x 2.5 inches
* Is a collectible model

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