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Collectible models of SpaceX 1/233 rockets

Collectible models of SpaceX 1/233 rockets

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Collectible models of SpaceX 1/233 rockets

These models are well-modeled models of SpaceX rockets. Available rockets (Falcon 9 + Dragon; Falcon 9; Heavy Falcon; Starship; Crew Dragon). The main body of the first-stage rocket is a precision tube made of aluminum alloy, and the rest of the rocket materials are made of high-quality imported resin - with excellent laser molding ability and long-term preservation

 Proportional model: 1:233

Actual height: about 32cm. Ratio is the best choice for desktop placement

 Note: This model is not a toy model, it is not recommended to buy it for children, please buy with caution to avoid unnecessary trouble for your child. 

These models are made exclusively by hand and are purchased only as a work of handmade art; these models have a high degree of authenticity and are used only for collecting and demonstration. This is not a child's toy model. Parents are not recommended to buy for children. Please be careful.
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