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RC Dump Truck

RC Dump Truck

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RC Dump Truck

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This block dump truck is an alternative to the world famous brand of construction kits and is the most powerful one we offer.
With the ability to articulate the dump truck can get to places others cannot.
The fully remote control action is controlled by either the supplied remote or the app for your phone.
Did we mention the size? It's over 66cm long! or 26 inches!!
Don't miss out on this one.

1888 Pieces
Engine Bay Opens
Pistons Move In Motor
Cab Doors Open
Mirrors Move
Cab and Bed Move Independent of each other
Huge Suspension
Huge Construction Tires
Articulating Movement
Remote control Dump
Fwd/Rev Left and Right Remote Control
Multi Differentials
1 Lithium Ion Bluetooth Battery Pack
1 Extra Large Motor
1 Large Motor
1 Medium Motor
1 Remote control
66cm x 17.5cm x 22cm
Detailed Paper Instructions
Fully compatible with other brands

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