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Halo UNSC Paris Class Heavy Frigate

Halo UNSC Paris Class Heavy Frigate

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Halo UNSC Paris Class Heavy Frigate

The Paris-class heavy frigate is an escort class ship in the UNSC Navy. They are manufactured by Sinoviet Heavy Machinery. The Paris-class heavy frigate is more heavily armed and armored, designed for direct combat action rather than fleet support. It has a larger complement of point-defense guns, Archer missile pods, and a lengthened Magnetic Accelerator Cannon for additional support. The Paris-class features two ventral hangar bays (1 port, 1 starboard) that are each capable of launching and retrieving two dropships, or other small craft such as SKT-13 shuttles.

The primary armament of the Paris-class is single a Mark II light-coil Magnetic Accelerator Cannon. Secondary weapon systems include 4 11B2A6 250mm light rail-gun batteries, 26 anti-ship missile pods with 20 missiles each, 2 nuclear missiles, and 60 M910 Rampart twin-linked 30mm auto-cannon turrets. Defensive measures include 60 centimeters of Titanium-A1 battle-plate, electromagnetic reactive armor, and a sophisticated electronic countermeasure package able to disrupt enemy targeting systems to a significant degree, along with at least two electromagnetic grapple launchers.

Technical specifications:
- There are 2542 parts in the set
- Size approx. D: 64 x 25 x 21cm
- Material: Eco-friendly ABS plastic. Harmless to the child's health
- Compatible with all major brands

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